SyAAF MiG-29 in Action

Let's say that March 2014 would be a turning point for the SyAAF in terms of appearance and utilization of its units in the current uprising!
We saw the first appearance of the MiG-25's over the eastern county of Hama, also the intensive use of MiG-29's over the northern county of Damascus, and to the eastern side of Seen AFB.
Spotting Fulcrum's over Rhaibeh (just 15km to the north of Dhmair AFB and 25km to the southern west of Nasriyeh AFB) gives some kind of impression that the bomber fleet is over-tired (Su-22M & MiG-23BN).

Above is one of the MiG-29's those attacked seven times Rhaibeh town on 24th March 2014 (boringly fitted with B-8 pods) !! The serial is unclear but might be read 3436 or 3439.
This is the most valuable photo of a Syrian MiG-29 as it shows the camo pattern on the upper surfaces which will be helpful for modellers and artwork renderers ;)

Another shot for the same MiG-29 opening its gun fire which we saw in the famous video when this attacked the cameraman (below).

Some videos I collected showing this fighter carrying out ground attack sorties in the area to the east of Seen AFB which is known as Al-Tanf, that when FSyA attacked the 559 tank brigade on 20th March.


  1. Good Photos R.S like always!!!!!!!! I Can see that they change the colour scheme, maybe because they now use the Mig-29 for ground attacks.

    1. Thanks!
      The color scheme is the same as before: Dark & Light Gray tones, but the photographer missed setting the appropriate 'White Balance' in his camera

  2. Oh! Thanks for the correction.

  3. الله محي الجيش السوري النصر قادم قريباً
    good job syrian air force