Photos from SyAAF KSHESH AFB (Part I)

Today, FSyA could seize Kshesh air base which looked abandoned by Syrian Army those already knew it will fall by a day or another in the hands of the FSyA; Anyway, few stills I could extract from "newly born" videos.
Most of L-39's are inside HAS's and look either withdrawn from service or stored or lacking required maintenance enabling them being air worthy...

Double HAS accommodate two L-39's in each side, I hope they are not affected by hand guns fire...

Closer photo for back-to-back L-39's inside a HAS.

Nice shots by rebels for the graveyard of MiG-15's and 17's. Through years, the camo is washed out, serials as well.

Only few survived their serials like this MiG-17 with serial 2012.

At the tip of this MiG-17 fin I can hardly read 1340 ?!?

Another shot for the graveyard, note the MiG-15UTI at the far right of the image.

L-39 inside a HAS surrounded by wrecked L-29's.

It is very clear that almost each MiG-17 here wears unique camo!! It might be because the MiG-17's were delivered to SyAAF in many batches through years.

Another MiG-15UTI at the left of the image.

Clear HD still for a stored L-39 with serial 2079 inside a HAS. 

Behind it, another L-39, serial is covered.

L-39 with serial 2133 being examined by rebels. 

L-39 with serial 2125, in the video it is shown fitted with a free-fall bomb on the wing pylon.
This UNIT was seen in November 2012 in action over ArRaqqa.

A rebel in battle field walking behind a MiG-15UTI.

L-39 behind rebels those turned Kshesh Green.


  1. Perfect work, congratulations. Especially interesting is connection of that L-39ZA nr. 2125.

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  3. what about the movie ?
    this is a very very small and not significant air base in SYRIA.
    it is not functional for combat for at least 10 years. only for lerning flight.
    lets see them take Dumar, T-4, Shayarat...
    but good work. very good work , keep on posting and more often please.

    1. Hmmm...finally it is an Air Base, this is very good start to occupy an air field with so-far safe runway !!
      Let's hope the others will be safely turn Green without any loss or damage to any aircraft inside.