Photos from SyAAF KSHESH AFB (Part II)

More stills coming !!
This video was recorded after an aircraft of SyAAF has bombed a double HAS and succeeded to damage an L-39 inside, from footage of another video, the frontal safe L-39 carries the serial 2135.

Rebels happily examining an L-39 with serial 2125, note that it is fitted with a FAB on the inner pylon of each wing.

L-39 with serial 2134, let's hope no one will mistakenly eject the seat, accidents occurred in the past for inexperienced technical personnel and killed immediately when the seat hit the ceiling of the hanger.

The same 2134.

Another safe L-39 behind this 2134.

Outdoor, more and more stills for these fabulous MiG-15s and 17s !!

Close up on a MiG-15UTI, it looks it received two layers of camo painting, each one is different than the other.

Another two MiG-15UTI's.

Silver MiG-17 carries the old SyAAF flag (Egyptian flag nowadays).

Back to the double HAS where an L-39 was targeted.

The other side...

L-39 with serial 2118.

Another one with serial 2134.

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