Photos from SyAAF KSHESH AFB (Part III)

Again moreeeee !!!
Couple of MiG-17s RIP "hand in hand" , the left one at least carries the old SyAAF flag (Egyptian flag nowadays).

Another still for the row of MiG-15s / 17s, the first two are MiG-17s, the other four are MiG-15UTIs.

More MiGs...

General view for the MiGs boneyard.

Double HAS contains four L-39s.

Beside it, remnants of an L-39, rear fuselage and seats.

The main fuselage lay to the side of the HAS.

Closer view to the back-to-back L-39s.

Unfortunately, the serial is covered, but these two airframes look in good status.

In the other HAS, an L-39 with serial 2133 being examined by rebels.

The one to the back is with serial 21xx, fitted with two FAB's.

This L-39 with serial 2135 survived the bombing of SyAAF aircraft which succeeded to destroy its mate.


  1. thise planes can not fly !!!
    they are spred around the base to be targets for the enemy to bomb.

    1. I believe you are mentioning the MiG's, but the L-39's fuselage is still air worthy, for sure they might need completely new engine and other consumable parts, but their life is not ended yet, we hope so...

  2. What is inside the door between the double HAS? and what is the concrete thickness in the HAS?

    1. The area between the two HAS's contains armament and weaponry for aircraft, you can see that in many videos been uploaded showing this area full of fuel tanks, unguided missile pods and rocket boxes.

  3. Nice photos R.S
    I found a clip you're talkin about, full of L-39s and ammo crates

    And another one from Aleppo airport showing an Il-28, it looks great.

    1. Thx Vasko !!

      The first thing I do the morning of every new day is looking the Youtube for any new video for these bases, unfortunately our friends there are not that interested in aircraft, I'd love to see a video for each and every single aircraft there :(

  4. Very interesting how this last week Syrian AF lost two fitters, as seen in video, going down with flames out of the exhaust pipe, launching flares and all but still no missile-impact seen caught on tape. May be engine failures?

    1. Actually they are 3: two in the same day on 14 Feb. and one on 20 Feb.
      I have the same feeling of yours as it might faced an engine failure..!?!?