SyAAF MiG-23ML's in Krasnodar

Great finding on the web for few rare photos of SyAAF MiG-23ML units in Krasnodar airbase in Russia !!
These units were brought to the facility in that airbase to be overhauled and maintained, the above photo shows a unit with serial 2797; Note the washed-out Syrian flag on the fin !!

These are the same ML's been photographed here in this facility some few years ago (after been overhauled and repainted but without serials), can be seen in this POST

This unit with serial 2797 was coded (547) painted in white on the intake hole.

Another ML with serial 2798 coded (548) under cockpit.
Referring to the digital signature of these images shows that the first three were taken on 6 & 11 June 2008, while the last one here was dated 28 December 2010.

p.s. special thanks for "robi"


  1. Not MiG-23ML, but MiG-23MLD (23-22B), converted from MiG-23ML 1984-87, "548" & "547" is part of c/n (last 3 digits).
    All known MiG-23 SyAAF c/n can be read on my MiG-23 prodution list http://forums.airforce.ru/matchast/4178-reestr-mig-23-sozdadim-vmeste/
    (warning: cyrillic letters)

    1. Realy many thanks for joining and commenting here !!
      I used Google translator and could find that you listed Syrian MiG-23 (MF, MS, UB, BN), but also you mentioned the above ones there as MLA, not MLD !!
      Don't forget that the MLD is famous with its vortex generators at the roots of the wings, unless you mean it's internally an MLD.
      Do you have any record for batches of MiG & Su types been delivered to Syria? I mean here Qty & Date of delivery.
      Do you have any idea about numbers of MiG-23MLD modernized in Krasnodar?

      Thanks again !!

    2. Some types mig-23's had 2 or more names, that's normal.

      23-22A&B don't have vortex generators, but with N008E Radar, and RWR SPO-15, R-24 supported.

      Syrian MiG-23ML (version wth N003E radar, factory code 23-12A, also known as MLAE)manufactured 1982 can't use R-24, because R-24 support for export versions ML allowed 1983.
      During upgrade to 23-22B (after 1984, before en 1987), N003E radar replaced by N008E, SPO-10 replaced by SPO-15/

      c/n range 0390324500-0390324550

      23-22A has factory name MLAE-2, but service name is MLD (in Bulgarian AF) c/n ranges^ 2960325385-2960325396, 2960327203-2960327219

      ex-soviet 23-18 MiG-23MLD with N008 radar also had service name MLD in Bulgarian AF

      22-22B manufactured (not converted form 23-12A) for Libya 1984-1985 also has factory name MLAE-2, but service name is ML (in libyan AF) and MLD in russian documents.

      c/n ranges: 2960325397-2960325399,2960326100-2960326149

      About other types: i send Mi-25 SyAAF c/n list for scramble
      with unconfirmed c/n i have:
      c/n 013178-013189 (serials 2800-2811) 1981
      c/n 013250-013257 (serials 2830-2837) 1982
      c/n 360427-360437 (serials 2838-2848) 1984
      c/n 360586-360597 (serials 2849-2860) 1984

      and very unconfimed: Mi-24D for CzSSR, but converted to Mi-25
      c/n 340224-340232 (serials 2812-2820) 1982-83

    3. Sorry... c/n 360586-360597 (serials 2849-2860) 1985

    4. syria ordered 33 mig 23mld

    5. Many thanks again and sorry for my late reply...
      in a simple question: can we consider the upgraded SyAAF MiG-23ML/MLD/MLAE are equivalent to F-16/15???

      What about their BVR capabilities?

      What about weaponry? did the Russians supply SyAAF with advanced air-to-air missiles?

      Is it correct that SyAAF MiG-23BN were modified to carry French armament?

  2. It's ANOTHER MLD's (and ANOTER type "23-18") ex-soviet planes from Belarus ~200_, almost non flyable conditional for cannibalise.

    1. Hi,

      Not seen such specific information on SyAAF production types before. Do you have any info on SU-22 production for Syria?

    2. I used to see those ex-Belorussian MLD's in Neyrab AFB and photographed them myself and posted them in this blog, they were exactly 33 airframes between MLD and UB, nowadays there are only 3~5 UB variants in Neyrab AFB, why don't you think they are not airworthy?

  3. MiG-23UB & MLD before transfer oct 2008

    MiG-23UB c/n 29030197




    from http://byavia.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1114941

    1. Thanks Mate !!! I just could see these photos now during my trip abroad (as in the country I'm living in nowadays this site is prohibited) :(

      Nice ones, but...it looks they are receiving some kind of maintenance? or overhauling? do you know whether they arrived operational to Syria?