Aircraft & Air Vehicles Over Syria

While updating the LIST of aircraft spotted in Syria, I found few interesting videos:

Syrian Airline Tu-154 landing in the military airbase in Hama city, 14 July 2012.

Gazelle scouting over Darayyah town, Damascus country, few videos are available in the LIST, this one is dated 20 March 2012.

Syrian Airline Yak-40 spotted flying over Al Qsair town, Homs country, 2 May 2012.

UAV spotted scouting over Kafar Batna town, Damascus country, 6 February 2012.

Another UAV spotted flying over Homs city, 14 April 2012.

Later, on 7 July 2012 another UAV appeared flying again over Kafar Batna town, Damascus country.

The recent UAV appeared over Talbeeseh town, Homs country, 21 September 2012.

Very strange propeller appeared over Al Atareb town, Aleppo country on 13 March 2012.
Can anyone recognize this air vehicle which wasn't seen before? Is it one of those could be seen in Al Qsair AFB as per the below aerial image (one of the four airplanes) ?

Note there are two types of propellers in this yard.

If the footage here is true in Syria, then this will be the first appearance of a Harbin Z-9 helicopter spotted on 13 May 2012 over Darayyah town, near Mazzeh AFB in Damascus, this should be used for VIP or even Assad family transporting.

The first appearance in media for a SyAAF Su-24MK in action in Idleb province, dispensing flares while maneuvering and bombing Free Syrian Army units besieging Al Ma'sara checkpoint near Mhambel town !!

I left the most strange video to the last, it's a real UH-1 Huey said to be flying over the borderline town of Talkalakh on 21 September 2012 !!!!
Again, if the footage is real, then there are two theories, it might be a Lebanese (FAL) Huey patrolling near the border, or it is an Iranian (IRIAF) unit been transferred to Syria !!

Again a pair of Huey's were spotted flying over Al Qsair town in Homs country as said in the video, the publishing date of this video is 22 September 2012.
The last theory of these Huey's is they might be videoed flying in the Lebanese sky, but said to be in the Syrian sky !?!?


  1. Its FAST becomong the only place to look on 'the' net for all Sy AAF You Tube action under one roof. No need to keep trawling any more, just wait fo RS to deliver.
    A great deal of time and effort has gone into 'The List'
    Very much appreciated.
    Please keep posting!

    1. Many thx SIG, more posts and topics are on the way ;)

  2. i don't think iran has uh-1 but it has bell 205 which look like the UH-1

  3. i have an idea for your strange aircraft maybe it is a piper pa 31

  4. It is not a Tu-154. Its a Tu-134 operating on behalf of the Syrian government.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Sorry!! You are right !!
      I thought these ugly Tu-134s are already withdrawn from service from Syrian Air.

    2. One is still in service on behalf of the Syrian government. Its the Tu-134, YK-AYE (c/n 66187). The last airworthy example of the three once owned by the airline. It took Syria's prime minister to Mehrabad on August 29( 16th NAM summit).

    3. Thx for your detailed info !!

  5. The unknown propeller aircraft over Al Atareb is PAC Fletcher FU-24 - an agricultural aircraft made in New Zealand

    1. Great info!! Thx a lot!!

    2. You're welcome.

    3. STILL not seen any photo or video of a SU-22 M4 FITTER K in Sy AAF colours. Only been waiting for over 20 years to see one. All the you tube shots are of SU-22 M3 FITTER J. ... Any comments anybody?


    4. at the begining of this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWM6ZEWzz2Y&feature=related
      you can see a mig 23 and su-22 maybe it's an m4

    5. Thank you for responding. R.S has also flagged this video of an SU-22 cockpit as possibly being of an M4.Need to see the distinctive airscoop at the base of the tail fin. Will be a great find as never seen it before in any SyAAF Su-22 shots.

    6. in shayrat AB near homs you can see some