Updated AFB's on Google Earth - Oct.17th 2012

Again...to the series of Updated AFB's on GE, and this time starting with Yemen, Sana'a International Airport, in which we can see that the Su-22s are shifted to the main yard (13 units), four MiG-29s can be seen in addition to three F-5 Tiger II.

To U.A.E, and specifically to Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra AFB, which is half-updated, five AWACSs are parked aside some tankers.
Unfortunately, this update didn't show the F-22s newly deployed in U.A.E !! 

Algeria, Aguenar AFB, located in the heart of Sahara, it shows four Su-24s in addition to two Su-30MKA.

Ukraine, Hvardiis'ke AFB, the strange thing is that all images of Su-24s available in Panoramio show them carrying the Russian red star ?!? Around 25 Su-24s can be seen here, not all look operational.

The famous Engel AFB, the home base of the white Tu-160s, is updated too !!
Eleven bombers of this type can be seen here in addition to fourteen Tu-95s.

Another Russian base is Khanskaya AFB, which looks to be either a training base or it does include a maintenance facility as it includes not less than 43 L-39s trainers parked in the eastern yard in addition to few accompanied with phased-out MiG-23s looks to be stored or withdrawn from service in the western yard.

China, LiuLang airbase, shows few J-7s in both eastern and western exposed yards.

Still in China, Xi'an Xiguan AFB, a home base for the H-6 heavy bombers, at least 15 units can be seen here.

To the U.S., the land of HD aerial images and starting with JBLM McChord AFB, an F-22 Raptor can be seen here, aside many C-7s military transporters.
Nicely-configured small exposed museum for aircraft here !!

Portland Int'l airport, at least nine F-15 are parked here.

Tinker AFB !! realy WOW for the high resolution here which shows the agile B-1B with many B-52s and AWACS's here !!

Tulsa airport, seven F-16s can be seen here.

Whiteman AFB, the home base of the B2 Spirit stealth bombers (which unfortunately all look to be parked under roof).
A-10s, Apache's, and T-38s can be seen here (unless those are F-5s??)
Camouflaged B-52 in display near the gate of this base, looks to be one of those took part in carpet bombing somewhere over Vietnam ?!

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