Photos of SyAAF MBB 223 Flamingo

I believe these should be the only available photos for SyAAF primary trainer MBB 223 Flamingo (in addition to the still extracted from the video posted HERE...real rare stuff !!

Deliveries of this light trainer took place from mid to late1970s, 45 units were delivered first, followed by 17 units after 4~5 years.
One or both of these two batches flew from West Germany in direct flight to Syria, for this purpose, the second seat was removed for the sake of additional temporary fuel tank for this long trip.

The photos above are for a SyAAF Flamingo with serial 1719 based in Mennekh airbase (Mi-8 with serial 273 in the background) Czechoslovakian or Russian instructors photographed here.
Syrian Flamingo's are based in Rasm Al Abboud (east of Aleppo) and in Mennekh (north of Aleppo), it's good to know also that not all SyAAF Flamingo's are camouflaged like the one here, some are painted in light blue with white strips.

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