Updated AFB's on Google Earth - Jan.11th 2012

It took GE almost 5 weeks to update the new imagery of some areas, but actually very few spots around the world have been updated !! We expected more...but anyway..thanks for their efforts !!
Starting from Syria, with Mennekh AB (36°31'19.84"N 37° 2'23.32"E).
Inventory contains Mi-8's only after transferring all Flamingo's to another training air base.

Libya, Benina (Benghazi) AB (32° 5'48.22"N 20°16'4.93"E)

These transport aircraft look like grounded, the biggest is Tu-154 ?!?, few Yak-40's, few Aeritalia G222 !?! are the 2 ones inside the right shield Let L-410 Turbolet's ??

Among these transport aircraft, 2 Il-76 and one Antonov An-72 (dark livery).

7 Mig-23's in HAS area, also wreckage of DC-3 Dakota's and other small aircraft.

Russia, Sverdlovsk / Aramil AB (56°42'2.43"N 60°47'18.49"E).

Just 4km to the north, Koltsovo AB (56°44'43.17"N 60°48'9.05"E).
Interesting boneyard includes numbers of phased out transport aircraft.

India, Pune AB (18°34'53.58"N 73°55'2.55"E).
A home base of Su-30MKI's.

Are these stored / phased out Su-27's?!?

U.S.A, Indian Spring AB (36°35'11.84"N 115°40'25.83"W).
Only one UAV is visible in the eastern yard.

U.S.A, the secretive Area 51 also in Nevada (37°14'2.66"N 115°48'2.56"W), F-16's and few transporters.

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