Air Force Museum - Riyadh / SAUDI ARABIA (Part II)

Indoor, starting with the very first biplane King AbdulAziz owned, It's the British made reconnaissance / bomber Airco DH 9.
This was the first Saudi owned aircraft to fly over the Arab Peninsula in 1925 until 1952.

Caproni CA.100, started to train the first Saudi cadets under the sovereign of King AbdulAziz inside Saudi Arabia from 1935 till 1939.

Westland Wapiti 2A the British light bomber and reconnaissance biplane was the beginning of air force in the sovereign of King AbdulAziz; It entered service in 1931 until 1952.

Douglas C-47 Dakota reg. SA-R-1 which formed the starting point of Saudi air lines.

It was a gift by president Franklin Roosevelt to King AbdulAziz, served from1952 till 1967.
The above photo for the interior of this Dakota

Cockpit view...nicely preserved !!!

Hawker Hunter F-60 reg.60-602, numbers of this aircraft were delivered to RSAF in mid 1960s.

PAC Strike Master reg. 1127, used to train King Faisal Air Academy Cadets.
Served from 1968 till 1997.

Lockheed F-86F Sabre reg. 5518, served from 1958 till 1972.

PAC Lightning F-53 reg. 610 with Firestreak missiles; 34 units of this aircraft were delivered to RSAF from 1966 to 1972, it served until 1986.

Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter II reg. 1504, around 120 units were still flying at least before the arrival of Typhoon which will replace them in Taif air base.
It's notable also that Saudi Arabia donated around 10 units in 1970 to Yemeni AF.

Cockpit of Lightning T-55 in display.

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