Eye-Catching AFB: RANGHE ZHEN (China)

Continuing a series we started previously and this time a Chinese air force base drew our attention !!
It's Ranghe Zhen AFB which is located in the middle of Henan province (33°41'7.62"N 112°53'29.30"E).

What make this base unique, is being a place for phased-out aircraft, as around 220 J-6's and 30 J-5's / JJ-5's.
Above a photo for endless lines of J-6's.

In the southern gate under the hill, some attractive airframes in display for public as a museum.
Above 4 Mil Mi-8's in different camos.

Harbin H-5 (Chinese copy of Il-28).

Is this the Chinese variant of Curtiss-Wright C-46 !?!?

Nanchang Y-5 (Chinese variant of An-2).

As many of AFB's in China, this base also contains an underground facility for protecting and storing aircraft, above a J-5.

Another J-5's line at the gate of the underground tunnel.

Few JJ-5's among these.

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