UPDATES : Alep & Damas Airports

Here we are again in Alep AB and very fresh photos showing only 11 Mig-23's of MLD & UB variants left in the parking platz of overhaul facility in this AB, still not sure how deep services these beasts are receiving in this facility.

For older variants of Mig-23, it's well known that Syria became qualified to maintain and extend engine life and even fit advanced electronics to such fighter.
On the right hand new Mi-8 appeared in this AB for being maintained and clearly it's repainted with common camo.  

Also from Damas with Love and my very first photo for the new turboprop ATR 72-500 which joined the Syrian Airlines fleet in early 2010.

New arrangement for the Military Transport division, Il-76 are mainly re-distributed here; I think the frontal one was shifted from the lower corner and been parked here.

Again thanks God these Tu-134's are still not operable, I couldn't recognize this twin-engined small transporter aside these Tu's.


  1. SyAAF SIGJuly 04, 2011

    I believe the twin engined aircraft are AN-26 Curl transport aircrft.I belive the SyAAF has a number of these operating under SYRIANAIR colours although they are used principally by the military.

    There have been a number of Mil-17 shots in recent weeks for obvious reasons.The camo colours of those seen appear to be sand/olive green.There are also a few interesting variations on this theme now on the net .The craft in the above photo is a very deep vivid green indeed. Seems like the paint factory have plenty of 'artistic licence'when slapping on the paint.
    Thank you as always R.S

  2. SIG, always thx...yes, you are right, but i'm not sure if this An-26 belongs to SyrianAir...sometimes few transporters were spotted in Damas AP with no marking, no reg. # and even over-painted tail to cover the previous operator.

    It's true also that the Mi-8/17 spotted has saturated scheme.