Glance at China's Aircraft Industry: XI'AN & GUIZHOU

Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation (XAC) is another important manufacturer of medium and large sized airplanes to mention here, based in Xi'an city in Shaanxi in the middle of China.
It's the state first grade enterprise and its main client is PLAAF since it's founded in 1958, aside to the military aircrafts it built many commercial and transport ones such as MA60 and MA600 families, Yun-7 (chinese version of An-24), Yun-14 (chinese version of An-26) in addition to its essential participation in building the first Chinese passenger jet ARJ21.
Future project Xi'an focuses on is the Y-20, a four-engine heavy transport aircraft.

May be the Flying Leopard JH-7 is the current signature of XAC, a two-seat medium-sized fighter/bomber joined PLAAF in mid 1990s with around 150 units built.

JH-7 program was launched as a respond to PLAAF requirements in 1970s for a all-weather deep strike bomber to replace the H-5's (Chinese version of Il-28) and Q-5's, in addition to carry out anti-shipping missions.
The modest capabilities of JH-7 led to later on improvement to the program resulted the more improved JH-7A which was lighter, fitted with advanced radar and up to 9000kgs of ordnance. 

H-6 is the licensed-built version of Tu-16 the strategic bomber which first flew in late 1950s with more than 150 units delivered to PLAAF.
More than 15 variants of H-6 covered many roles in PLAAF (conventional bomber, nuclear bomber, recon, tanker, drone launcher...)
It's interesting to mention that B-6 (export variant) were operated by Iraq and Egypt air forces.

Another respectful manufacturer is Guizhou Aircraft Industrial Corporation (GAC) which is located in Guizhou southern province (I tried to search for the main production plant and I could find the above AB located in Anshunshi city, but still not sure whether it's realy belongs to (GAC). 

The JL-9 trainer is the current project of GAC to replace its own JJ-7 trainer from which the development of JL-9 was derived.

First flight was recorded in 2003 only 2 years after the start of the project, few airframes said to be accepted into PLAAF service.
GAC designated the FTC-2000 Mountain Eagle variant showing the interest of exporting abroad.

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