Eye-Catching AFB: AGRINION & ARAXOS (Greece)

Very interesting aircraft bone-yards in AFB's this time in Greece; starting from Agrinion AFB which is located in the west about 200klm from the capital Athena. 

Bone-yard at the further eastern end of the AB crowded with F-104G's. 

More than 32 phased out Starfighters R.I.P there, I would not talk more about history of these aircraft here as I'll dedicate a special post about aviation museum of this amazing airforce.

Another AFB is Araxos which is not very far at the south of Agrinion.

Again few F-104G's laid there, but the more are those A-7 Corsair's at the eastern parking platz of the AB.

Around 24 phased out units distributed there; of course engines, seats and other components can be re-used as spares for other aircrafts are stripped of.

Many thanks to Chris for his permission to use his great photos.

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