Eye-Catching AFB: LARISSA & SOUDA (Greece)

The more you search and discover the Hellenic Air Force the more you find how unique and attractive it is, especially due to variety of models served in it.
Honestly, what attracts me in wreckage here is the way they phase out retired aircrafts, for example, in Russia they gather them in few bases (as posted previously), in the U.S of course to the final destination in Tucson, but here, they more alike SyAAF...when they decide this aircraft is to be retired no need for big efforts...just tow it 20m back and leave it on soil or gather them in an area of HAS's (but of course here are much more organized).
Anyway, another AFB is Larissa which is located around 215km to the north of Athena.

In the un-sheltered aircraft parking southern circles many retired Northrop F-5's rest.

All F-5's which were delivered to HAF since 1965 are retired.

A row of the frightful F-4's, due to the aggressive history and wide appearance of this aircraft in many wars, It's not very common to find it phased out.
Here they are located at the north taxi runner of this base.

Not in Larissa, but in Souda AFB which is located in the land of civilization, Crete island.
Row of 11 Lockheed T-33's retired in this base.

Many thanks to Chris for his permission to use his great photos.


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  2. Anonymous, thx, clearly you are deep into Hellenic armed forces news.

    I'm preparing post about Athena's airforce museum, do you know good websites i can get info about history of each aircraft from?

    I just know WIKI and official website of HAF.


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    Great topic! Unfortunately I can't find many things.

    However, I did find some links with photos:





    Some (limited) info can also be found in a couple of forums



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