Wings Over Syria : ILYUSHIN-28

In early 1960s, SyAAF received the first jet bomber the Il-28, this profile shows the exact camo for most of jets delivered from Soviet Union at that time (all in metallic silver same as MiG-15/17).

Many sites state that SyAAF received dozens of Beagles, the correct story is that SyAAF has received and operated only TWO of this aircraft; one of these aircraft crashed when its engine inhaled a STORK !!! Eventually, the engine caught fire and caused of aircraft falling down.

The second Beagle R.I.P in Neyrab airbase, you can see its tail here, note there are wreckage of many Mi-8's here also.

Another image from sky. The two drop tanks don't belong to this Il-28, they look too close to these famous ones attached to the belly hard points of the MiG-21.

Note the extra fuel tanks attached to wing tips, this aircraft looks intact and in a very good situation taking into consideration the 40~50 years it laid here.

Photos by Luftwaffe A.S - where marked - (2009-2011)


  1. Sy AAF sigApril 27, 2011

    Always a nice surprise whenever the site is updated!

    Would be interested to hear the story as to why only 2 Beagles were delivered.Hardly viable for an airforce to only operate 2 of a particular combat aircraft type.

    That camo'd Mi-8 looks in reasoanable condition from the photo. Maybe it is being refurbished?
    They refurbish their Migs so why not their old and hard working helicopters? Cheaper than buying new.Can't cannibalize for ever.

    Any photos of the Mil-6? dont suppose still in service??

    Many many thanks for the photos.

  2. Sig...thx for your comments, i appreciate yours.

    It might be possible that some Beagles of EAF were operated from some bases in Syria, but for sure SyAAF owned only these 2.

    This Mi-8 is under overhauling, note that in Google Earth it's not visible.

    Sorry to tell you that there is no Mi-6 served for SyAAF, there is only Mi-2, 8, 17 & 25.

  3. Maybe one day some of these historic and very rare aircraft will be placed in the airforce museum. Its one thing for a mig-21 or mil-8 to be left and forgotten, but another thing for a very rare aircarft like the Il-28to be neglected to decay away.
    Suppose its all to do with public interest in the airforce, which is not particularly encouraged in Syria, to say the least.Pity.

    Thought as much for the Mil-8; it looked to me that it was not being scrapped, and will no doubt reappear looking quite smart in a few months time.Hopefully you will be there to photograph it then!

    Always thought the Mil-6 was in service with the SyAAF in the 70s and 80s according to most reports. if one of those beauties was left abandoned somewhere, it would have shown up on Google Earth presumably by now.

    Looks like Mil-8s have various different colour schemes, some rather interesting shades of green.

    I am sure many would appreciate more Mig-29, Su-22 and Su-24 photos!! Are they in the pipeline?

  4. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    I would say, wait until Arab MiGs volume 2 (Harpia Publishing) appears later this year. All will be revealed!

  5. Anonymous, then you have to send me a copy of vol 2 ;)

  6. qualcuno di voi sa la sorte dei 2 fiat g55 adagiati anni fa proprio in quel punto?? ....grazie anticipatamente