Wings Over Syria : GLOSTER METEOR

Gloster Meteor was the very first operational jet fighter used in SyAAF, in Kweres (Rasm Al Abboud) airbase 15 Meteor's lie scrapped...you may recognize the Night-Fighter ones which have their wing span wider and their radome longer, the one mentioned in the aerial imagery above is a NF also.

Note the roundel of SyAAF in 1950s till early 1960s

Meteor was debuted into SyAAF in Sept. 1952, Hafez Al Asad (the former president) was one of the first pilots whom flew Meteor in SyAAF.

2 SyAAF Meteor's were performing a patrol when located a RAF Canberra which was in Recon mission over Syria, Canberra was shot down..!! this occurred in Nov. 1956

In early 1960s and upon the arrival of MiG-15/17, all Meteor's were withdrawn from service although they were in full operational status

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