Photos from Cairo Airport (2011)

Egypt Air Boeing 737 in the new attractive livery, in the background you can see a probably Airbus in the old HORUS theme.

Part of EAF C-130 fleet is stationed at Cairo Airport.

They appear here above, at left note the private jets in queue waiting to take off from the northern runway.

In these 3 spots I could photograph interesting wreckages of three transporters. 

Very interesting wreckage of ex-Uzbekistan Alim Airlines Ilyushin-62 belongs to R.I.P in Cairo Airport (Spot A)

Another photo for this poor Ilyushin-62M SU-ZDA, as per Wikipedia this is the only aircraft flew for Alim Airlines, so now they are no more..!!

Another petit airlines...Pharaoh Airlines, here in (Spot B) one of the only 2 Boeings 737 operated for this airline, this one carries the serial SU-PMA. 

CentrAfrique Air Express Boeing 727 with serial TL-ADY, seems this aircraft is scrapped recently in (Spot C) as it's not visible in Google Earth at least as of June 2010.

Photos by Luftwaffe A.S (2011)


  1. Seems like many airports have their own aircraft 'boneyard' for retired geriatric planes.
    Suppose you cannot simply put them in a skip and wave goodbye! No use as spares unless you retain same type in service.They could end up lying there for decades, until a recycling company emerges in the country which can dispose of them.Keep posting the military shots from this very interesting region of the World,

  2. Anonymous...Thx, such wreckages attracts me so much, much more than living planes, in the coming days i'll post more.