Harvard or Texan joined the SyAAF in 1947~48 coming from the stock of South Africa and some from RAF forming two combat squadron based in Mazze AFB, some as far as I know based in the training base near Alep, I remember wreckage of some silver Texans (not in the same camo as above shown) were visible to public in the Aviation School in Aleppo city, that was in early 1990s before they shifted the school completely to other place.

Nice archive photo for this Texan, seems the artist inspired the above shown diagram from it.

Now believe it or not..!!! this is not a real Texan..!!! a perfect scaled flying model carry the very fine details including the pilot himself..!!!

I collected these amazing images from Strega's website, seems he is a professional modeller for flying warbirds...I would like to shake his hand for his fabulous artworks..!!!

The only remaining Texan of SyAAF is still surviving at the Military Museum in Damascus which was my daily way to faculty, when i go back there again I'll archive all aircrafts there for new posts.

Amazing how it looks in sky, just remove the antenna and no one would believe this is a scaled model.

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