The First Appearance of a Coalition F-16 Over Syria!

A video was published on 24th this month for a low pass -can be tracked at 1:28- of a non Syrian aircraft attacked an ISIS ground target somewhere near the communication antenna -refer to the map below- in Albukamal border city, that appeared to be an F-16 of the U.S. led-coalition airpower as can be clearly seen in the photo above.

Eye-witnesses reported that the coalition aircraft are conducting air raids even lower than this altitude which brings to mind that pilots are not relying completely on TV/Laser guided weapons dropped from high altitudes.


  1. Listen to the sound of the video at 0:36. That is the distinctive roar of an M-61 Vulcan cannon firing!!

    1. So that's why one of the eye witnesses commented "It's a machine gun..." "والله رشاش" at 0:48
      Thanks Patrick for your notification!