Photos of SyAAF MiG-23 (ML/MF) - UPDATED

OK, please enough Tabqa and enough MiG-21's, let's change some air!
Above, a new photo emerged the last month for a MiG-23 at least armed with R-24 missiles (long white) -could be either ML coming from Sh'eirat AFB or an MF coming from Hama AFB- maneuvering over Lattakia coast at very low altitude. Are SyAAF patrolling the coast regularly or it was an incident to spot that MiG-23 that day!?!?

Syrian MiG-23MF landing in Hama AFB.

One of the rarest shots for an armed MiG-23ML inside a HAS, typically fitted with R-24R (AKA AA-7 Apex) medium-range air-to-air missiles under wing roots pylons and R-60 (AKA AA-8 Aphid) short-range air-to-air missiles under fuselage.

The first time to spot a MiG-23ML fitted with B-8 unguided missiles pods over Damascus area, performing raids against ground targets, the place the BN dominate there.


  1. Does SyAAF receives supplies or are they cannibalising the Cold War era stocks?
    By the way is it known how many aircraft are left in the inventory?

    1. They must be getting supplies, probably from Russia, as they have seemingly reactivated some aircraft. The SyAAF operational tempo has been very impressive but they are clearly still losing aircraft (a video appeared yesterday of an Mi-8/17 being destroyed by a Kornet) so capability must be degrading.

    2. Apparently they are receiving supplies and spare parts to survive their operational aircraft directly from Russia or through other countries.
      I'm working on a survey for what is left in SyAAF but it may take me few weeks to generate a list.

    3. the list will be interesting. the SyAAF does seem to becoming more aggressive or maybe news is more available on their operations. Its somewhat impressive that they have been able to maintain the level of operations that they have considering the years of action and the targeting of thier bases by rebels.

  2. You kidding
    All the airplanes are so old

  3. If you will find a video in which we can hear the cinnection between the pailot and the air base i will be so thankfull, you will make my day.