Amazing close up to a Syrian (ex-Belorussian) MiG-23MLD with serial 07 in Neyrab airbase (Aleppo IAP) stationed at the main tarmac in the military part of this airport infront of the overhaul facility...(Thanks for our great friend for this exclusive share to Luftwaffe A.S blog)
Syrian air force received on 2009 '33' MiG-23MLD/UB's from Belorussia and were stationed in this base for overhaul, till this date only few numbers left (around 3~5).

Syrian MiG-23MF in a ground attack sortie over Sarmin town (Idleb governorate) spotted on 11th April 2014.

Another MF was spotted before landing in Hama AFB (current base of this variant) early 2014.

MiG-23MF just seconds before dropping FAB bombs over villages of Jabal Azzawiyah (Idleb governorate), spotted on 18th Jan. 2014.

Pair of SyAAF MiG-23ML's taxiing... 

Another ML landing.


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2014

    "till this date only few numbers left (around 3~5)."
    Do you mean that the rest are still waiting for overhaul ?

    1. No, sorry, I didn't make it clear, I meant: till this date only 3~5 MLD/UB can be seen left in Neyrab airbase, the others are already overhauled and distributed to other airbases.

  2. These are amazing pcitures! I was wondering, how did Syrian air force keep the MiG-23´s flying for so long? As far as I know, they require general overhaul after 17 years; is the syrian aviation industry able to perform this by itself?

    1. Thanks.
      Actually, the MiG fleet is in terrible status right now, only few BNs left operational, while the MFs are flying not that intensively. The ML -somehow- MLA & MLDs are kept untouched during this unrest as they are considered 100% fighters.
      I don't think Syrians are capable to 'Overhaul' their MiGs indigenously, but just to provide necessary maintenance to keep they flyable.

  3. Thank you for your explanation. I presume, that Syrians must´ve hired some technicians from abroad (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia) since the MiG-23´s require quite complex repairs after certain time (leaking of wing fuel tanks is quite a problem as I heard)...not to mention the engine overhaul...anyway, it´s amazing how they keep them flying, long after the MiG-23´s were withdrawn from service in other countries.