Air Raids From Hama & Sh'eirat AFB's (2nd Quarter 2014)

Continuing the survey I started in 2014 for the jet air raids from Hama & Sh'eirat AFBs, I post here the chart of the second quarter of this year which we can read through a considerable stability unlike the first quarter.

13th April recorded 39 sorties in one day, while 26 was the maximum number of air raids conducted in a single day from Sh'eirat on 10th Apr. and 17 in a day from Hama on 17th Jun. which drives us again to conclude that at least there were 13 operational (Su-22M-3/4 / MiG-23BN) and 8 operational (MiG-21bis / MiG-23MF) in Sh'eirat and Hama AFB's respectively (this if we estimated that each aircraft scrambled twice a day).

As from Jan. 2014, these two airbases launched 3328 air raids over the middle and northern governorates in Syria, almost 60% were in the 2nd quarter which means that the SyAAF is still operational and its units are receiving the required regular maintenance and could be even overhauled with help of allies.

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