Air Force Museum - Dimashq / SYRIA

This must be the first of my "Air Force Museum"series, but till I could find the best photo reference (taken in 1996) published by Mr.Jetnoise at UK Airshow Review website.
The Army Museum in Damascus was almost my daily passage to university, but that time I didn't know that someday I will leave and the aircraft in display there will be shifted to an unknown destination !!
Starting with the Piper Super Cub which might be the first trainer to be acquired by SyAAF, few numbers were operated from Mennegh / Neyrab AB till mid 1960s.

North American Harvard reg. 44.

This trainer joined SyAAF in 1948 and operated mainly from Neyrab AB, this was the only surviving airframe of this type.
One airframe was seen in Mennegh AB in 1980's, not sure whether it is still there.

MiG-15UTI with serial 273, these aircraft started to be delivered to Syria in 1955.

The Czechoslovakian made Aero Vodochody L-29 Delfin, an advanced trainer often in silver finish (MNF) and rarely seen camouflaged, operated mainly from the SyAAF Aviation Academy in Neyrab then Rasm Al Abboud AB (Kweres).
Many airframes of this types are found at Kshesh, Rasm Al Abboud and Neyrab AB's. 

An ex-Eastern German MiG-17 carries the serial 1196 delivered to Syria during the 1973 war.
First batch of this aircraft was delivered in 1957 and operated from Mazze AB near the capital; later on, 100's were delivered and operated from most of Syrian AFB's.
In late 1970's early 1980's all the fleet of this aircraft were withdrawn from service from their fully operational condition for unknown and obscure reason !! The most famous boneyard is located in Kshesh AB with around 60 units sadly laid there !!

MiG-21F-13 serialled 1864 looks in its original camo.

The 813 Su-7BMK as well, these aircraft afterwards, used to receive new paint year by year... 

A captured Gyrocopter plane (probably was used by Israelis to spy over Syria) reg. G-AXVL.
Aside these aircraft, there were few captured French tanks and vehicles in display in this Army Museum, in addition to the Capsule which carried the first Syrian spaceman to the exterior space (Mohammad Faris).


  1. Hello RS
    So I take it you are from Syria then? I absolutely love your blog and the photos. I am also from Syria.
    Please keep them oming. The miliary museum was closed when I was there 2 years ago, wonder if they re-opened it?

    Majd Abbar

  2. Nice to know you Majd, my blog always need your comments and support from all you guys to be developed more and more !!

    Unfortunately, the Military Museum is opened but they shifted all aircraft out somewhere, nobody knows whether they'll put them in display in Panorama...but in the current period i'm sure they'll get rid of Texan and Super Cub for the GREEN roundle they carry !!

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  4. Your work is beautiful and nice ilove your blog. show us history of syrian air fleet first two shows are the purchase of planes from the west piper suer cub and taxan and the second period is soviet and Czech aircraft's I visited the museum a lot. First, it is not a suitable place for an aircraft museum inside the neighborhood inside a old school to the right of Sultan Suleiman Mosque and all the planes were unfortunately neglected, in particular they transferred all the planes to an unknown place. i hope They would be presenting it soon in new place like a panorama in damascus