SyAAF Mig-25RB

Although it's a special day, but a real BLACK day for the megadeth of more than 300 innocents murdered by the  Assad's bloody regime...to post the very first photo of a SyAAF Mig-25RB; camo is the standard plain gray as available in most of airforces those operated this monster.
This variant in addition to be a reconnaissance aircraft it can carry out bombing role with a total bombload of 4,000 kgs !!


  1. Awesome photo R.S, the flag, the serial visible. Keep 'em coming...

  2. RS,

    Another nice find.
    How do we know its a reconnaissance RB? Although there are no wing pylons that may not be conclusive. Have you any shots of the nose?
    I am not sure the aircraft is still in service with the SAF due to the cost and difficulty of keeping them flying.Spares must be a nightmare although maybe the Russians are hppy for the SAF to pay a few roubels and cannibalise from all those rusting aircraft lying around the perimeter of a number of Russian bases.Do you have any further information on this aircraft?

  3. Impresionante avión incluso con los años que tiene. Una anécdota: durante una de esas guerras de Oriente medio, estos aparatos sacaban fotos desde aguas internacionales al despliegue israelí en el Sinai sin que los interceptores pudieran interceptarlo, incluso existe la leyenda de que uno de ellos se dejó por un F-4 israelí, y en el momento de estar paralelos, el piloto soviético le dijo adiós y esta la próxima........
    Excelente blog, ehorabuena

  4. Since the foxbat is pictured from the back it is hard to tell the difference between RB/RBT and PD/PDS. From this point of view you could only tell from the afterburners or wings. The recce variant has longer/larger nozzles. Also it has slightly different and shorter wings. The leading edge on the P/PD is kinked, the sweep angle changes at the wing fence. The wingtips differ too.
    You could tell which variant it is by analyzing the picture very well comparing both of 'em.. Difficult but possible...


  5. This is indeed awesome R.S. Great job, and please keep them coming (and maybe one day you'll find some good MiG-21 pictures aswell!). Brilliant blog.

  6. ¡Well done! R.S. Congratulations.

  7. Many thanks for all of you :)


  8. nice picture, nice mach 3

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