Some historical and very rare photos for a Syrian pilot Nazhat El Yafi (1928 - 2008), was born in Qatana near Damascus, in 1948 he moved to Aleppo upon joining military flight school in its 3rd installment in Neyrab air base which was the main training base in Syria.
He graduated in 1950 and stayed in SyAAF till he was transferred to Syrian Air in 1953 as pilot until he was suspended from flying in 1945.
The above "Final Flight Report in School" shows that he flew 27:00 hours on PiperCub + 76:00 hours on Tigermoth + 47:20 hours on Fiat-46 + 50:40 hours on Harvard Texan...
Also shows the 4th installment dates which started in June 15th 1949 and finished in November 25th 1950.

Our hero in photos...note his photo together with president Anwar El Sadat in Cairo 1959, and his photo in Harvard Texan (which looks to be in light scheme camo) in Neyrab air base.


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