Egyptian Air Force (1930-1952) - Part I

We are talking here about the Egyptian Air Force in the Royal era, when King Fuad I founded the Egyptian Army Air Force (EAAF) in 1930.
Above, a record of flying hours for some pilot showing types of aircraft served in that period.

DH.60 Moth is the first aircraft to enter the service with EAAF in 1931 when de Havilland won the contract to supply 10 units of this trainer biplane.

Avro 618 was the first military transport multi-engined aircraft to serve for EAAF when 2 units were sent to Egypt in 1932.

Avro 626 is another trainer biplane served for EAAF.

10 units were delivered in 1934.

Totally, EAAF operated 25 airframes of Avro 626's, all were retired in 1944.

In 1937 EAAF became an independent branch after separation from army command to be named Royal Egyptian Air Force (REAF).
Miles M.14 Magister trainer served for REAF with 42 units.

The Gloster Gladiator was the first REAF real fighter to fly over Egypt, REAF acquired 2 squadrons in 1938. 

The above 2 photos might be taken during an army or air force ceremony.

Gladiator's perform maneuvers.


  1. Awesome pictures, I have always loved the Gladiators, nice seeing the egyptian ones.

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  3. Hi there.
    I am writing a book about the history of the de Havilland aircraft factory in Hatfield. I am including the story of the Gipsy Moths that flew from there to Cairo in 1932.

    Do you have any high-resolution photos of the aircraft? Best of all would be to seem them photographed at Hatfield. I am trying to avoid paying a licence fee to use the images that appeared in Flight magazine!

    Or do you know anyone who has some good pictures?

    I hope you can help and I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hi, actually I post in my blog the highest resolution of any photo I could get (except those photographed myself since their original size is too big).

      Those photos I posted here are all collected by me from different sources from the net.

      Wish you good luck in your book!! ;)