The First Wings Over Syria

It's the story of the ever first aircraft to fly and land in Syria; This story started when the Ottoman State bought two used aircraft from German Empire to enter the era of flying machines.
December 1914 was the date of the first test flight of the Ottoman crew whom trained seriously to fly this aircraft, as it was scheduled to take off from Istanbul, land in Damascus, to Cairo and then return in the same route.

In Damascus the land of what is currently the "Old Exhibition" crowded with mass waiting to see the first aircraft visiting Syria, some didn't believe that a machine made of metal can fly, while others considered this heterodoxy...but when it emerged in the horizon people started calling and celebrating...

Damascus governor and army leaders were the first to welcome the two heros pilots, the funny thing is that after landing some people tried to peel off some parts of the aircraft as souvenir but of course guards prevented them doing so...
The aircraft took off again in the third day flying to Egypt among crowds' ceremonies and celebrations but unfortunately it fell down near "Tabariyah Lake" and the two pilots were dead.

Lieutenant Sadik Beik and his assistant Fathi Beik in photos...

Their bodies were brought back in the train and buried near the tomb of Salahuddin Al Ayiubi in Damascus, the third tomb was for Nouri Beik, the pilot of the second aircraft which wasn't luckier than the first one and fell down in the sea near Yafa in Palestine.

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