Overhaul Facility: LVIV (Ukraine)

L'viv..a city in the west of Ukraine where the Sknilov (LWO) airbase which is very famous with the tragedy of Su-27 crash during the airshow that caused the death of 77 people and more than 500 injured; That was in July 2002.

Above is the courtyard of the overhaul facility which is specialized in handling Mig-21, 23, 27 and 29, image was taken in 2009.

The same courtyard in 2005, it was more busy...

Line of Mig-27D, note that this facility handles the Mig-27 to upgrade it to D variant.

Row of Mig-23UM seems to be all landed permanently.

Skeleton of Ukrainian Mig-29's, might be M or M2.

Ukrainian Mig-29 9-13 armed with rocket launcher, I realy wonder how a multi-role fighter of the 4th generation still carry such extinct weapons in the western aircrafts...!!! rarely we may find an image of an F-16 equipped with this armament for example...

Mig-21UM's and wreckage of Su-22, no sources so far showed photos of middle eastern air forces aircrafts in this facility.

Photos are used from "Schumacher" panoramio

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