Air Force Museum - Prague / CZECH REP. (Part I - Jet Era)

Posting again after few days of staying in China where they block the BLOGGER websites, and again an attractive air force museum in Prague located in Kbely AFB.

Starting with what it's Czech made, the Aero Vodochody L-29 Delfin, which was the first jet trainer aircraft completely designed and produced in Czechoslovakia which later on became the adopted trainer in Warsaw Pact countries after being evaluated over the Polish made TS-11 Iskra and the Soviet Yak-30.
It was produced from 1963 till 1974 and was used widely in middle eastern air forces.

The mature and full grown sister of the L-29 is the L-39 Albatros which was produced since early 1970's and still in use in many air forces in the role of advance trainer and light attack aircraft.
In front the flying towed target Letov KT-04.

Mig-17PF equipped with radar (green bubbles) and capable to carry the AA-1 Alkali air to air missiles.

The twin-engined Mig-19PM in front, and Avia S-105 backwards which was the Mig-19 version produced in  Czechoslovakia.

Mig-23UB, note that after splitting from Slovakia in mid 1990's Mig-23's played the role of readiness squadron in Czech Air Force after the very uneven exchange of 10 Mig-29's with 11 Polish light helicopters due to the too high cost of maintenance of those Fulcrums !!!

The ugly Su-7 was also operated but Cz. AF, I realy hate this aircraft which is almost double the size of Mig-21 for example and carries fuel much more than it carries bombs and finally it might not be able to defend itself against same range fighter-bombers like F-4 II.
In SyAAF they used to name it the "Flying Cistern" !!

Czech Air Force inherited around 30 Su-22M4 in 1993 after splitting, all were retired by 2002.

Around 24 Su-25K's left for Cz. AF after splitting, were retired by 2000.

Only one Yak-17 was tested by Czechoslovakian AF in 1950's shown here.

Czechoslovakian AF operated around 20 Yak-23 in 1949 with license to produce locally, but production never started in favour of the Mig-15.

An Il-28U displayed which was operated in huge numbers by Czechoslovakian AF (around 120 os single & twin seats variants) in addition to locally built ones, in 1956 70 locally built Il-28's delivered to Egyptian AF shortly before the Suez war.

Tu-104 Camel was operated by Czechoslovakia Airlines preserved in this museum.

The locally built Avia S-92 (variant of the ME-262) was the first jet fighter in Czechoslovakian AF after WW-II, totally 12 units produced including the two-seater CS-92 from 1947 till 1951.

Mil Mi-1 the first serial production Soviet helicopter also served for the Czechoslovakian AF.

The Mil Mi-4 as well (here equipped with unguided rocket launchers and under-nose chamber for machine-gun operator).

Mil Mi-8.

And finally the Mil Mi-24.

Thanks to Monox for his permission to use his great photos.

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