Eye-Catching AFB: CRAIOVA (Romania)

Craiova is a Romanian AFB about 175kms to the west of the capital Bucharest, it contains very attractive aircraft graveyard; In the aerial view above which is dated July 2004 tens of Mig-21's & IAR 93's of different variants lined before all the Migs vanished somewhere..!!

 As this view dated May 2009 shows only IAR's remained in this AFB.

A miserable image of scrapped Mig-21PF, PFM and U's.

Are these the same Romanian Mig's which were upgraded by LanceR kit? Seems they could be restored as fuselages here look in an acceptable condition.

Craiova AFB is the matrix of IAR aircrafts, IAR 93 Vultur (above) which was in service from late 1970s till late 1990s is the Romanian sister of the Yugoslavian Soko J-22 Orao.

Almost 90 units of single and two-seat IAR 93's returned to where they were manufactured to be scrapped in.

Thanks for Chris for his permission to use his great photos.


  1. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    "Are these the same Romanian Mig's which were upgraded by LanceR kit?"


    The MiG-21 M/MF/UM which were upgraded to LanceR standard went from operational units straight to the Aerostar factory at Bacau for the conversion, they were never stored in any boneyard.

    The LanceR upgrade was finalised in 2003, the sattelite photos are from 2004 and Chris Lofting's images from 2006.

    The MiGs stored at Craiova were of different versions than those upgraded as LanceR; mainly PF, PFM, R, U and US.

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