Air Force Museum - Prague / CZECH REP. (Part II - Piston Era)

Aero Vodochody is one of the main aircraft manufacturers in Czeck rep., was active since 1919 (same manufacturer of the famous L-29, 39, 59 and 159).
In the photo above one of the earliest models of Aero the A.11 which was a light bomber with carriage of 200kgs !!!! of course this payload was considerable for an aircraft of pre WW in 1925.

Another fighter is the Aero A.18 produced in early 1920s.

 The civil utility Aero Ae.45 produced between 1951 till 1963.

Another big aircraft manufacturers in Czechoslovakia was Avia which was also founded in 1919 (not active these days), above is the remarkable fighter B-534 which saw the light in mid of 1930s.

During WWII Avia produced the aircrafts for German Luftwaffe, one of its production was the great BF-109 which Avia continued producing more than 550 units after WWII under the designation of S-199 (shown above), IAF obtained 25 aircrafts in 1948.

 CS-199 is the training variant of the S-199.

Ilyushin Il-10 was also one of Avia's productions after WWII under the designation of B-33, about 600 units were built.

The needless-definition Harvard MKIIb.

The Soviet fighter Lavochkin La-7 belongs to the Cz. AF although it's red-starred.

Red-starred Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik, about 35 units served for Cz. AF between 1944 and 1949.

Ilyushin Il-14 operated by Cz. AF, more than 50 units was in service till late 1970s.

In the museum few reconnaissance unmanned aircrafts are shown.

K-65 Cap "Baret" was the Czech built version of the German Fiesler Storch by Benes-Mraz, a general utility airplane of early 1940s.

More photos can be found at panoramio (ia661125)

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