SyAAF MiG-23MLD !!

Exclusive photos I shot myself for the 33 ex-Belorussian MiG-23's stationed at Neyrab airbase at the tarmac infront of 'the factory' the main maintenance and overhaul facility for SyAAF.

Not all these MiG-23s are MLD, few are UB trainer variant AKA (DUAL) in SyAAF.

These MLD's should be fitted with longer range radar than the ML, enhanced avionics and BVR air-to-air missils reported to be maintained and overhauled to join in the front-line air bases.

On the date of my photos I could count 30~31 units in that air base, seems the remaining truly saw their way inside the overhaul facility.

Note how the Red star at fin is over painted randomly in green.

All Photos by Luftwaffe A.S (2008)

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