SyAAF Air Parade 2010

For the first time ever in the history of SyAAF, clear shots done by me and my Nikon for the most modern Syrian military aircrafts during the parade of the graduation ceremony take place on 16th Oct. every year at Kweres AB (AKA Rasm Al Abboud).
The photo above is for a Su-22M (could be either M-3 or M-4).

Formation of three Su-22M (could be either M-3 or M-4) during the air show, as we can see that this variant has two different camo's in the SyAAF.

The mighty Su-24MK Fencer (the day of parade...it was as cloudy as every year :( ).

A day before...it is very strange that the one to the left doesn't have the SyAAF roundels under wings!!

Here too.

May be the other two had undergone overhaul and repainting process recently.

The agile Fulcrum!

Formation of single-seat SyAAF MiG-29's.

The day of the airshow...

All the days, the MiG-29's flew with drop tank fitted to belly, it means they start from Seen AB -their home base- and land back there.

SyAAF MiG-23BN during the air show (also in two different camo's).

Photos by Luftwaffe A.S (2010)


  1. Beautiful photos of very rarely/never seen SyAF Sukhois.
    Will appeal to small airforce observers and modellers.
    Please post more!!

  2. AnonymousMay 19, 2013

    Great pics!

    Don't you have a slightly higher resolution version of those Su-22's? I find it hard to tell whether they are Su-22M3's or M4's.

    1. Thx pfc !!

      Unfortunately these were cropped from the full resolution photos I did...