Syrian Air An-26 Crashed in Abu DhHour

Hour by hour, the story of the crash of a 'regime midsize transporter' is getting true, of course that until a full photo report is published to confirm this incident.

Since the latest clashes took place around the airbase between the regime forces and rebels represented by Jabhat AnNusra and Jaish Al-Islam after the fall of 'Wadi Al-Deif' into the hands of rebels, it was reported that an 'Ilyushin' -should be the Il-76- safely landed in the airfield to deliver ammo and food three times at least. But, it's apparent now that -like the 'MiG'- 'Ilyushin' would be called upon any transporter or airliner the regime is operating.

One of the rarest photos of the Syrian Air YK-AND crashed in Abu DhHour (special thanks to Peter Weinert for providing this photo)

The incident took place today 18th Jan. 2015 early morning, when a Syrian Air YK-AND An-26 operated by SyAAF crashed nearby the airfield and resulted in the death of all 37 on board including the crew. It is still unknown the way this transporter hit the ground and what apparently looks considerably far from the runway.
I will leave you with some of the published photos for this incident and awaiting the valuable news to reveal facts of this crash.

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