SyAAF MiG-21bis Shot Down (2015-01-29)

Yesterday, 29th Jan. 2015, a SyAAF MiG-21bis -serial is still unknown- operating from Khelekhleh AFB and piloted by Col. Medhat Othman Kherallah "العقيد مدحت عثمان خيرالله" was downed over Tal Osheheb to the east of the said airbase -as reported by pro-regime personnel- or Bir Qassab to the south of Damascus and around 30km to the north east from Khelekhleh AFB -as reported by media of ISIS- which sounds more plausible.

Whether the bis was downed over Tal Osheheb which is located 8km exactly at the same axis of the east-west runway of Khelekhleh airbase, this brings to mind that ISIS units located successfully their AA guns/MANPADS at the route of landing of fighters at this airbase.


  1. any video link?

    1. Sadly there isn't, just few 'Graphic' photos of the corp of the pilot which I don't find it convenient to post them here.