IL-76's Spotted in Syria

Let's start with an Iranian Il-76 spotted about to land in Hama AFB on 27th Feb. 2014. The serial is not readable. 

Again, an Iranian Il-76 landing in Hama AFB on 10th Mar. 2014.

Another one spotted landing in Hama AFB as well, date is unknown. This assures the importance of Hama AFB which is considered the hotspot of supplies Assad regime is receiving in the mid area of Syria then distributing them into the other bases.

A stunning shot for two Il-76's the moment the passed beside each others somewhere in the sky of Idleb and specifically over Bennesh town on 20th Dec. 2013.
They should be Russian Candid's those are sent to Syria to assist in transferring the chemical weapons.

Syrian Air Il-76 landing in Hama AFB on 28th May 2013.

Another Syrian Air Il-76 spotted in Neyrab AFB (Aleppo IAP) which was seen in many events standstills in its place for weeks before it disappeared from there in early 2014.

Closer take for the same Candid.

Also another Syrian Air Il-76 could be photographed either in Damascus IAP or in Dhmair AFB, as it was reported a month ago that such transporter is landing in Dhmair intensively the last period and up to three times a day!


  1. "Iranian" aircraft appear to be Yas Air Il-76TD type(s) with markings partially obscured.

    1. Thanks Mark, should this be one of an ex-Iraqi Candids?