SyAAF L-39's Over Homs!!

In an unprecedented incident, the SyAAF L-39's appeared for the first time flying out of their known area (Aleppo and Al-Raqqa governorates). This time over Homs city and its area as videoed above on 3rd June, after it was last seen in Neyrab AFB in November last year.

It's true that the Syrian Albatroses were never seen again after Nov. 2013, that at day time, but it's known that during Dec. 2013 until early Feb. 2014, they continued carrying out NIGHT raids over Aleppo city and its northern countryside starting most probably from Kweres airbase.

The L-39 appeared the next day 4th Jun. over Talbeeseh town which means that the L-39's did not just fly from their known bases in a tenuousness visit here. They are for sure detached either to Sh'eirat, or to Dhab'a airbase which the regime exerted all means to retake the latter from rebels.

By any means, and in order to keep them operational, the exhausted Syrian L-39's should have received a serious overhaul in their new home or at least in the maintenance facility in Hama AFB.

Another plausible thoughts come to our minds here, that the SyAAF should considered to start training new cadets after three years of combat sorties and losing tens of experienced pilots and especially Colonels, and these birds are the best for such use.

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  1. Hey man can you determine what kind of missile is this?