First Photo of a SyAAF Mil Mi-4

As always, Luftwaffe A.S blog has the pleasure to bring to public the first photos of SyAAF units either the present or the historical ones.
In addition to the first photo of the Syrian Mil Mi-2 helicopter I published in 2012, I come to close the photos of every helicopter SyAAF has operated with this very first photo of a Syrian Mil Mi-4 which was photographed during an athletic event over a stadium in Damascus in 1967.
It is good to know that Syria has received around 10 Mi-4 helicopters in 1967 (some of them were damaged on ground in the six-days war). Later on those were replaced with the Mi-8's when they started to be delivered in 1971. 

I included this profile of an Egyptian Mi-4 to understand the comparison of the spotted Syrian Mi-4 which allow us to notice that the door (over the rear landing gear) was opened, may be for the cameraman.

The Syrian Mi-4 looks to wear a two-tones camo similar to the Egyptian one -if the rendering was correct- with Green tinting to the bottom of the fuselage and boom. In other words, it was not in a military-style camo.

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