CORONA Atlas of the Middle East

Amazing aerial imagery published for the first time those captured by Cold War-era spy satellites for the Middle East countries covering entire Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Cyprus, most of Iraq, Egypt and parts of Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
Of course we will make use of this unique atlas to take stills for the Air Force Bases in these countries to understand their history of development since the time these imagery were taken for and namely between 1967-1972.

I have extracted takes for the AFB's in Syria which most of them were photographed in 1967 to 1969. Sadly this atlas's aerial images ends before the 1973 war which prevents us to know the exact years Syrians started to build HAS's for their aircrafts.

Above is Aleppo IAP (Neyrab) in which we can see some aircraft in the main tarmac of the military base.

Damascus IAP.

Deir EzZour AFB.

Dhab'a AFB (Qsair).

Hama AFB.

Hmemim air base. Note that the short runway was E/W oriented, dislike now (N/S).

Khelkhleh air field.

Kshesh air base.

Kweres AFB. We can see some 12 units on the tarmac infront of the maintenance hangars, and one relatively big aircraft on the Eastern secondary tarmac.
The shades of phased-out Meteors can be seen as well.

Mennegh air base.


Tadmor AFB.

Taftanaz air field...You will notice that Abu DhHour, Tabqa and She'irat air force bases were not constructed yet that time, while the atlas does not provide clear view for Dhmair, Nasriyeh and Blai.

You can see and discover other countries thought the online CORONA Atlas.

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