The First Wings Over Syria - UPDATED

A better photograph for the ever first aircraft flew over Syria in 1913, it shows better details of the airframe and stipulates how light it is. It was securely guarded to prevent people reaching it those want to examine and acquire some parts as souvenir !!

A post card with the aircraft photographed in 1913 in Aleppo city surrounded by the students of 'Sultaniyah' school of Aleppo, officers and some VIPs.

What is written at the back of the card: "The reminiscence of the first Ottoman passed by Aleppo in 1913 continuing its trip to Egypt piloted by the Turkish officers Fathi and Sadiq Addin which fell down, the martyrs were buried in the neighborhood of Salahuddin Al Ayoubi -May God have mercy on all-. It was received by the students of 'Sultaniyah' school and some VIPs and officers and officials when landed near Al Sabeel to the west of Al Sabeel southern road"


  1. These photos are from the famous Istanbul - Cairo trip of the Turkish Air Force. Sadik and Fethi are the first air martyrs.

    The date should be wrong I guess. The Turkish pilots landed in Syria in 1914. Fethi and Sadik's Bleriot plane crashed on 27.02.1914.

    Arda Mevlutoglu

    1. Thanks for your addition Arda, I believe you are correct for the year you mentioned, but after I referred to some photos I took in Istanbul Havak Kwetleri Musesi (hope the spelling is correct) the trip started on Feb. 8, and ended on May 15 of that year. That means the crashing incident took place in that date.

  2. Thank you, I too, will double - check.