Photos from SyAAF TAFTANAZ AFB (Part II)

Continuing the collection of photographs in Taftanaz AFB and starting with a Mi-17 with serial 20 (i.e. 2920) carrying the insignia of "Tha Factory", this time painted in black.

Side view of the same...

And another shot here for the same showing another Mi-17 infront.

Rebels could bring down a Mi-17 with serial 2934 just after desperate measures to climb and escape the base, crew and all soldiers inside are killed. 

Examining these photos, leads us to the fact that this Mi-17 first collapsed with its front directly to the ground before resting aside.

It looks FSyA has leveled back this Mi-17...

Another Mi-17 looks to be in a good mechanical condition with a black painted insignia of "The Factory".

Unfortunately, the serial is not clear here...

The same Helo, looks to be left in a hurry on this narrow road.

Completely ruined Mi-8/17, either by FSyA while attempting to invade the base, or by SyAAF which bombarded the left aircraft in that base after being fell in the hands of the rebels, as explained in the first part of this post.

Another damaged Mi.

This photo was taken prior to capturing the air field, it's clear that this Mi was hit by the Green fire. The Mi-17 and Mi-8 look safe here.

The same group of helo's here, showing the phased-out/scrapped Mi-8 in light camo to the left of the photo.

Only one Mi-25 was in the base when FSyA invaded it, it's carrying the serial 2802.

This Hind first appeared in media in the live-fire maneuvers took place in July 2012, it's fitted here with two free-fall bombs in addition to another two gun pods.
Note the FAB's to the right of the photo...

SyAAF units those carried out air raids over this base, could hit this Hind and caused a
serious damage which look in-rectifiable.
Anyway, it's good that FSyA could demount its armament to make use of.

Another shot for this poor Hind, which would be -if left safe- a great addition to the FSyA.


  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2013

    Great photos and great analysis!

    I'd like to add just one thing. IMO the completely destroyed helicopter is actually a Mi-25 Hind, not a Mi-8/17 Hip. Check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88YgVIub4fs
    At about 1:27-1:28 remnants of an ATGM launch rail are clearly visible in the lower right corner of the frame. Here I've pinpointed it with an arrow: http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/4116/128858542.1b/0_93a52_d82aac85_XXL.png

    I think this was the second Mi-25 visible on the photos taken before the capture of the airbase. I also believe it's the same helicopter that was seen burning during the assault (your photos №№ 12 and 13).

    Otherwise your analysis is just great, I think I couldn't have done it better :)

    1. Truly surprised of your great head up !!! Many thanks for commenting here, I spent a long time checking the photo to distinguish whether it's Mi-8 or 17, but finally you revealed it's Mi-25.

      In this case, 2 Mi-25's are damaged on ground in that air base, and yesterday a Mi-25 was shot down in Deir EzZour !!

      Totally 3 now.