Historical Photos of SyAAF's First Equipments (Part II)

The first pilots of SyAAF standing infront of a unidentified propeller, this photo was taken in April 1947.

In Mazze air base, in the background a four-engined transporter looks similar to Lockheed L-049 Constellation. This photo is dated 29 October 1947.

Another photo for this transporter of the same date.

Also here.

In Mazze airbase in 1950.

Pilots and airmen in line in the first ceremony of independence in April 1948 in Mazze airbase.
Behind, a line of North American Harvard's.

Another photo of the same.

Awesome and wonderful shot of a Harvard with rear gun at the canopy, pilots used to name their aircraft !! At the engine's front cover painted in white "العنقاء" "The Phoenix".
The great pilot here "AbdulKarim Katma" just moments before taking off in order to perform his mission to bombard the Zionist's settlements in Palestine.
This photo is dated June 1948.

Another Harvard named "الصاعقة" "The Thunderbolt" in Mazze AFB also just before mounting the bombs on pylons, June 1948.

Another photo for the same Harvard, pilots and airmen with a bomb in the middle.
Note that previously, and during a war, a photograph must be taken for every pilot with his aircraft before carrying out his mission. June 1948.

SyAAF pilots used to help in mounting bombs and loading bullets into their aircraft.
June 1948, Mazze AFB.

Very rare shot for a SyAAF P.44 Proctor V which was mainly used for VIP transports. The photo was taken in Mazze airbase in 1 January 1947.

Another rare photo for the same, at least two Piper Cub's can be seen inside the hangar.


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2013

    SR-A1, Proctor Mk.V, c/n Ae.63

    1. Do you have another photo for this Proctor?

    2. AnonymousMay 16, 2013

      I have some other pictures that might be of interest. Not a lot but what I have I can share. I do not have your address and do not want to share mine in public.

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  2. I have also two photo of this plane.

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  4. First aircraft is a former RAF Fairchild F-24 Argus III (US designation UC-61K). It is identified by the PT-19 style cowling and propeller without spinner. However I seriously doubt that the aircraft is Syrian since there is an "SU-" designation under the wing. This would mean that it is an Egyptian civilian aircraft.

  5. The airliner is a Dutch airline Lockheed Constellation the pix with "De Vli" is "De Vliegende" have a pix of a similiar aircraft