Historical Photos of SyAAF's First Equipments (Part I)

It's true that I might be the first one to reveal and bring to public the very first photos of SyAAF modern equipment (talking about those Su-24, MiG-29 and some others), but I never feel as proud as now to reveal again some fantastic historical photos of the first SyAAF equipments in the era of 40s and 50s, those considered the core of the Syrian Air Force !!

I believe this is the first time for a SyAAF biplane De Havilland DH 82 Tigermoth ever to be published !!
This photo shows the first Syrian Air Force pilots and airmen in 1950s.

WOW is allowed today !!
Again, the first time to see a SyAAF Fiat G.59.2A with a camo similar to that G.55A (the only photo of a SyAAF Fiat was available so far).

Another photo of a SyAAF Fiat G.59.2A.

In Mazze AFB and infront of a hangar accommodates Fiat G.59.2A inside.

In Mazze AFB as well, with three Fiat G.59.2A's on tarmac.

A photo for the first SyAAF heroes in Mazze AFB infront of Fiat's inside the hangar.

The same here...

During 40s and 50s, Mazze air base was very active especially during the war of Palestine in 1948.
The other variant of Fiat G.46B was based in Homs (Qsair) and Aleppo (Neyrab).

Awesome shot for a Fiat G.59.2A with the first SyAAF pilots infront. Note that some of this aircraft have their fans marked with "snail".

This photos is dated 14 February 1951.

The well known Piper Cub also first to appear here during its service life. The last EXAMPLE of this aircraft was in display in the "MILITARY MUSEUM" in Damascus before all aircraft were removed around 2008.

Close shot for the Piper Cub.

In Mazze AFB, the fighters in the background might be either Fiat G.55A or Spitfire F.Mk.22, the transporter behind could be one of those Dakota's SyAAF used in that period.


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2013

    You just found awesomeness! It is Syrian Toucan (french-variant of Ju-52) behind the fighter planes. IMHO this is the first time this aircraft has been unveiled in public in Syrian marking. I ve been looking forward to this moment for years! ;)


    1. Many thanks Lukas !!! Was this operated by SyAAF or Syrian Airlines??
      Then, you must propably identify the four-engined transporter posted in the second part.

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2013

    It was operated by SyAAF. There was information about it here and there in various publications and on the Net. Actually I was convinced that we would never see a picture in this aircraft at all.


  3. Fantastic photos! Source? Private album?