The SEEN is finally seen !!!

Finally, after years of the emergence of electronic maps (Google, Bing and Apple), Apple maps did it and revealed the never seen before, the SEEN AIR FORCE BASE !!
This base in known also as "Sayqal" as per the Google Earth, but it's not called like this in Syria at all.
The importance of this AFB comes from being the home base of the SyAAF MiG-29 fleet.

Seen is the only Syrian AFB which didn't have clear aerial view or satellite image in any map before, sadly it was provided in gray scale tones but it's better than nothing !!
Above is a key map for the partial views below (North is always to the top).

View 1: phased-out two MiG-21s.

View 2: another two MiG-21s phased-out.

View 3: the upper aircraft is a MiG-23, the below is MiG-29, since both are exposed in the yard then both should be training variants.

View 4: This look to be the maintenence and testing facility, two MiG-29s appears here.

View 5: again...another two MiG-21s phased-out.

View 6: a MiG-25RB had an accident in early 2000s, withdrawn immediately and been kept in its place.

View 7: the lower aircraft looks like a fin-less MiG-23, while the one to the north of the double HAS is a Su-24MK.

View 8: withdrawn MiG-21s are everywhere in this AFB !!, here are six airframes phased-out; Also note the two scraped wing-less Su-7s or Su-20s.

View 9: OK, here are the last two phased-out MiG-21s been towed into the desert.

Simultaneously, Bing maps revealed this AFB, I'm not sure of the time gap between Apple's and Bing's, but Bing's still blurry and in low definition.
Only two important partial views here, the eastern one shows a MiG-29 been parked behind the HAS, while the western one shows three MiG-23s side by side.


  1. in 14 of september 2012 russia said that they want to send 16 mig 31 to syria

  2. LIKE .... BUT TIME LIKE !!!

  3. Is it only me or those 29s look camouflaged?!
    Nice find though, nice find...

    1. Yes Vasko, actually SyAAF Mig-29s are camouflaged in light and dark gray tones...same as the shot here:

  4. congratulations on your fine studies of the SyAAF. On my blog I've done a little of that myself, but I would very much like to see if I can find out more by using Apple Maps. I have just been trying to find it, but I'm possibly going blind, since I can't manage to find it. Could you link me please?

  5. Bjørn, your blog is one of few which realy attracted me for your deep and practical analysis, actually the only way to navigate into the new Apple Maps is through iPAD (which I captured these stills from) or iMAC, iPhone which run the new iOS6.

    1. That was very kind, thank you. And also thanks for the directions. I guess I'll just have to navigate myself to a suitable device then.