Eye-Catching AFB: T4 (Syria)

I believe it's time to talk about a very attractive Syrian AFB, especially after the great Apple maps revealed its latest and most recent aerial images...it's the T4.
T4 (or as named in GE "Tiyas" which is not known at all with this name in Syria) is located in the Syrian desert 80km to the east of Homs city.

T4, is one of the most important AFB's in Syria since it is STILL the main home base for the Syrian Su-24MK fleet, and WAS for the sadly phased-out most of the MiG-25PD's fleet.
This AFB witnessed the operation of Su-7, Su-22M, Su-24MK, MiG-25PD/PU/RB, MiG-29 in addition to the two Il-28 SyAAF used to have in 1960s.
Above is a key map for the views below:

View 1: This is the first aerial image which clearly confirms the phasing-out of MiG-25PD's, four airframes sadly towed into the desert.

View 2: The north-eastern HAS's shows another MiG-25s still parked outdoor, they look here more stored than phased-out.
Note the two fuselage of scrapped Su-7s to the upper right corner.

View 3: The south-eastern HAS's also shows few MiG-25s stored aside outside.

View 4: another four MiG-25s parked outside.

View 5: To the furthest west of this AFB, two yards received ten MiG-25s, the western HAS's used to be occupied by Su-22 squadrons.

View 6: Another four confirmed phased-out MiG-25s been towed also in the desert.
From these satellite images, T4 became a boneyard for the MiG-25 fleet in which we can count at least 27 airframes (stored/phased-out), but referring to the video of Tadmor airbase in which at least three MiG-25PD/PU appeared then we assume that only few units might be still operational till todate.


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