SyAAF L-39 Albatros - Updated II

While Syrian Air Force L-39s units continue hitting Aleppo city and its country and villages (Reef), the more videos and shots for these units come on web for public.
The above photo is for an L-39ZA reg. 2136 operated from Rasm Al Abboud air base the moment it releases two FAB-250.

Another shot for the same; Note the under-fuselage mounted gun pod.

And another shot for this 2136 L-39.

I may quote here from Mr. Rick Francona's article which is in my opinion the best explanation why the Syrian regime used to fly sorties of this trainer/light attack aircraft over Aleppo, as he explained "Actually, for the type of operations being conducted in the Aleppo area, as well as the rest of the country, the L-39ZA is the best fixed-wing asset in the Syrian air force inventory. It offers excellent visibility for the pilots, can carry an adequate amount of weaponry, and flies slow enough so the pilots can pick out their targets in the dense urban environment of Syria's large cities"

Nice shot for an L-39, but sadly it's hitting Aleppo.

SyAAF L-39ZA reg. 2145 armed with unguided rocket pods under wing pylons in addition to the gun pod.

Clear photo for a SyAAF L-39 over Aleppo.

Another clear one here too.

SyAAF L-39 reg. 2144, this shot was taken during the ceremony of Air Force Academy graduation.

This is one of the earliest photo for a SyAAF
L-39 published on web, the first airframe carries the serial 2092.
Finally, through photos, we can see that the L-39 fleet of SyAAF carries both serials 20XX and 21XX.

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