SyAAF From The Archive - Part I

Interesting archive Media for SyAAF collected from YouTube, the first one belongs to the late 1970s representing a scramble of aircraft (especially MiG-23s) which in details:
- 0:31 MiG-23BN with serial 1650
- 0:35 MiG-23BN with serial 1655
- 0:45 MiG-23BN with serial 1661
- 0:51 Mig-23MS with serial 1614
- From 1:28 three pairs of MiG-23BN taking off
- 1:53 two MiG-21s taking off
- 2:02 two MiG-17s taking off (most probably from Mazze airbase)

The second video represents the SyAAF after the war of 1973 but also belongs to late 1970s, its details are:
- From 0:00 three MiG-23MS land in sequence
- 0:33 row of MiG-23s, at least the first 3~4 units are BN, while the remaining are MS
- 0:49 formation of Su-7s
- 0:56 MiG-17 in colorful camo
- 1:03 formation of MiG-21s (should be MF variant)
- 2:05 nine MiG-23BN
- 2:12 two MiG-23BNs, fitted with free-fall bombs on the fuselage and wing base pylons
- 2:24 MiG-23BN fitted with unguided missile pods


  1. AnonymousJune 06, 2012

    1:14 looks Egyptian marking ... look at the flag on the tail

  2. AnonymousJune 06, 2012

    the prev. comment was on the second video
    your mistake man , it's an egyptian video (!) taken just after the received their first batch of Mig-23BNs

  3. Anonymous...i didn't made a mistake in this regard, SyAAF were using the "current" Epyptian flag from 1972 till 1980 !!

    refer to: http://www.syrianhistory.com/syrian-flag

  4. AnonymousJune 10, 2012

    Hi R.S., i've seen these videos a while back , and it seems the MiG-23 fighter variants are MS, if it helps any. Keep up the good work.

  5. Many thanks Anonymous, do you have any reference for delivered batches of Mig-23s to Syria for the older variants (MS / MF / BN / ML) ?

    i'd love if you leave a nick name for you in the future :)

    Best wishes