Turkish F-4 Downed !!

Al Manar TV stated that Syrian Air Defense Force shot down an F-4 Phantom of Turkish Air Force today.

A Turkish TV NTV confirmed that the aircraft took off today 10:30am from Erhac AFB in Malatya province south of Turkey and disappeared from Radar around 12 midday today; Moreover, the two crew were found alive 8 miles to the west of Ras Al Baseet (north of Lattakia).


  1. SY Af SIGJune 24, 2012

    Unarmed RF4-E.
    Would like to know how it actually came down, missile or ground fire. Did it not employ its sophisticated Elta ECM suite?

    Alos , would love to see a photo of the SAG MIG-21 which defected. Any around?

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    כן , גם אני רוצה תמונה של המיג

    ראיתי שיש משהו ב ויי-נט

  3. SY AF SIGJune 25, 2012

    There are no photos of the defected SAF MIG-21 so far seen on the internet.
    The published photo is in fact of an Egyptian Mig-21 with high viz markings.Maybe the Chinese copy.
    Jordan is evidently very sensitive about showing off its trophy so as not to offend its far stronger neighbout, with whom it has strong trading ties if nothing else.

  4. SY AF SIG, Syrian official sources confirm bringing down the recon. RF-4 by 23mm AAA, it does make a sense if the RF-4 realy approaches the Syrian beaches to a range of 4km or less (we are talking about something advanced like the Pantsir-S1).

    We must consider that if a SAM tracked an advanced aircraft such as this RF-4 for sure the pilot will report the ground command that he is targeted and locked...which wasn't reported by TuAF command.

    Rumors say that the Russian battle ships may have an arm in this accident.

  5. That's true, not any photo is published on the net for the SyAAF Mig-21 yet, as you said the photo appeared in many news channels and websites is for an Egyptian Mig-21 like those based in hurgada.

  6. AnonymousJune 28, 2012

    it was downed by a zsu-23-4 (shilka)

  7. if by zsu-23-4...then the Phantom realy flew in the Syrian sky...right?

  8. AnonymousJune 29, 2012

    yes 2.5 km than syrian coast 100m over the ground

  9. AnonymousJune 29, 2012

    or the f4 fly slow

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  11. Here's the info gleaned from the Turkish news site NTVMSNBC:

    The camera (and a single RF-4E) was flying in light of testing the effectiveness of a ground radar (One can imagine that this is a mobile radar installed near Hatay due regional tensions) for this, it simulated approaches at different altitudes.

    He made an initial approach from the east, then over Hatay he veered to the southwest.

    At 11:37, he turned around, somewhere between Cyprus and Syria, while lowering its altitude.
    He crossed the Syrian territorial waters to 11:42 at an altitude of 200 feet.
    At 11:42, he received a warning from the Turkish controller alerted him that it was Syrian in space.
    The plane left Syrian space at 11:47.
    At 11:50 he was back on Hatay where he will ask its controller to a new level.
    At 11:58 he was hit by flak, 13 miles of the Syrian coast while its direction is southwest.
    It crashed at 12:02 in Syrian waters.
    There was at no time a Syrian warning.