Air Force Museum - Shanghai / CHINA (Part I)

True it's been a long period since I last posted here, but i came back from China with some nice load.
I could have the chance to visit "Shanghai Aerospace Museum" located somewhere to the south of Hongqiao airport, it's realy kinda hard to distinguish the entrance of this museum !!

First you will find the Douglas DC-8-61 reg. JA8048, the super long range airliner which made its first flight on March 1966.

In 1982, this airliner happened to have a braking failure when the aircraft landed on Hongqiao airport and it suffered serious damage, after being restored it was sent here as a showpiece.
Note above the First / Business class seats in Beige while the economic class in Blue.

Contrary to the nowadays jet airliners, the cabin is realy spacious, every row of seats is aligned with a window providing more than enough space for passengers while seated.

Another airliner in this museum is the twin-engine Ilyushin Il-14 reg. 652.

The piston-engined Nanchang CJ-6 primary trainer which is known as the cradle of Chinese pilots since it started its service in December 1961.

The military transport helicopter Harbin Z-5, the Chinese copy of the Soviet Mil Mi-4.

Shenyang J-8 reg. 80057 with its original fuselage design (Finback-A).

Another shoot for this interceptor which is fitted with Four machine guns (Two under each side of the fuselage under cockpit).

I would always love to see this capable aircraft !! the Nanchang Q-5 Fantan in its A-5 variant here (as written) reg. 10406.

View from below to the internal weapon bay which can carry up to 1000 Kg of ordnance.

This supersonic attack aircraft was independently developed by China and is still active in limited service.


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  2. Thanks for those great pics!